At CNC Catastrophe & National Claims, we’re working with industry and health organizations to carefully monitor updates on COVID-19 and respond to issued guidance. As always, the care of our customers, policyholders and employees is our priority.

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MARCH 16 — Response from Cort Fowler, President and COO

I know many of you are in a state of uncertainty regarding COVID-19, Coronavirus. Here at CNC we’re carefully following reports from the Alabama Department of Public Health and the CDC. As of today, March 16, we are giving our employees the option to work from home. This is made possible due to a strong, secure network and systems that we put in place for disasters or catastrophic events, allowing our claims handling to proceed uninterrupted.

  • We have outfitted every employee with the necessary equipment to work from home/remotely.
  • We utilize a web-based VoIP phone provider to maintain constant contact, recreating the office atmosphere of open and shared communication.
  • We use cloud-based workstations, allowing us to remotely log into our workstations from anywhere in the world, 100% remotely and securely.

Further, we have suspended all CNC-related travel for the time being.

Cort Fowler, President and COO

MARCH 12 — 2020 CNC Summit Official Statement

In response to growing uncertainty regarding COVID-19, Coronavirus, the 2020 CNC Summit scheduled to take place April 22–23 has been postponed until 2021 (date TBD). To learn more, please visit or 800-843-0170.