Webinar – X1 Fundamentals: August 23-25, 2021

  • Start Date/Time: 08/23/2021, 8:00 am
  • End Date/Time: 08/25/2021, 5:00 pm
  • Location: Webinar
  • Admission: $259
  • Registration: Open

This course provides training for the Level 1 Xactimate User Certification. Once the Level 1 test has been passed the user will be Xactimate Level 1 certified on the X1 platform.

You’ll get:

  • Groundwork for Level 1 user certification in Xactimate, test included
  • Xactimate mimeo
  • Testing at the completion of course.
  • Scenario-based estimating for roofing, interior, exterior damages
  • Individualized instruction from Xactimate Affiliated Trainer (XAT), David James
  • Updated CNC and client training processes
  • Beyond-the-class coaching
  • Increase in CNC Points


David James, XAT

Register by visiting https://www.learnatcnc.com/online-courses/ and selecting this class.