Case Study

Case Study: NFIP App


November 8, 2019

During Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee in 2011, NFIP preliminary reports were averaging a turnaround time of 21 days.

Flooded Area

CNC studied the causes for such delays as these delays affected advance payments, processing times and a host of other issues that slowed the claims process. The delays were found to be a lack of available time to complete the preliminary report due to extended hours in the field.

On average, 3.6 days to receipt

177% improvement to prelim submittal

CNC, in the heart of these events, began developing the CNC NFIP Flood App—the first in the industry—that allowed an adjuster to not only complete but submit their preliminary report from the inspection site, along with signed advance payment form, photos, underwriting report and all other reports necessary to a proper preliminary report. As a result, what used to take an average of 21 days to complete, preliminary reports are now being turned in at a record pace. For CNC’s latest flood events, the proof is in the numbers!

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