Remote Infrastructure

April 2, 2020

When reports of travel restrictions, event cancellations, and social distancing recommendations began, we realized things wouldn’t be ‘normal’ for a while, but we were prepared. In fact, we were ready months ago.

In 2018, we began discussing the potential of a major hurricane on the Gulf Coast disrupting claims handling. So our in-house Systems Operations team designed an all-new cloud-based network, allowing team members the agility to work from anywhere.

We never could have guessed a global virus would be the first use of our new remote environment. 

Our approach started with a secure, scalable environment with remote routes to our home campus network. All users were migrated to our cloud desktop environment allowing access from anywhere in the world, from any computing device. Next, we moved all of our storage and server workloads to the cloud, adding real-time sharing and collaboration capabilities. 

A robust cloud-based VoIP phone and video solution were needed to complete our design. We started testing and toward the end of 2019 migrated our team to a new system with voice, fax, SMS, messaging, and video from anywhere on any device.

With the workforce able to fully function remotely we knew the user experience could be better, so we implemented a new Remote Monitoring and Management solution. We’re able to proactively monitor and address issues before the CNC team member sees it, regardless of where they are.

As restrictions on travel and public health guidelines rolled out due to COVID-19, the discussion to implement working remotely company-wide was a matter of when to start, not how to do it.