Behind the Scenes

CNC Shoots a Video


April 28, 2020

Videos are increasingly popular and their use has skyrocketed in recent years. We think videos are crucial to telling the CNC story in an impactful way, so a few months ago we collaborated with a national video production team to create a couple of videos: a brand anthem and a company profile. This is huge for CNC — not only are these the first videos we’ve ever created but shooting them required a ton of planning and production work! Read on to see some of the behind-the-scenes during filming, then check out the finished product!

Cort Fowler getting ready for the first shot of the day.
Craig Fowler ‘teaching’ a class of adjusters about how our mapping system gets down to street level, enabling adjusters to walk from claim to claim.
Staging a meeting in preparation for a CAT.
George Kattermann getting a hair touchup from Suzy, makeup artist.
Crftsho, the video team, moving to the next shot.

Check out the final brand anthem and company profile below!

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