Patricia K. Pierce, File Examiner

Why do you do what you do?
I really enjoy examining files. My job is never boring as each file tells a different story.

What was your proudest career moment?
My proudest career moment would have to be obtaining the ANFI designation.

What fuels you to do your best?
I am motivated to do my best each day due to my love for this company and the people I work with.

What drew you to CNC?
So many people that work for CNC are happy, loyal employees that are knowledgeable in their field. There is something new to learn each day.

What are the changes you notice in the industry or foresee?
The one thing you can count on in this industry is change. In my opinion I see this industry becoming more customer service oriented each year.

What are you good at?
I am good at reading, and it helps that I enjoy it.

Outside CNC I love to ...

Go on vacations with my growing family.

What's your favorite song about the weather?
I Can See Clearly Now …the rain is gone

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