Felicia (Callie) Jacobs, Accouting Dept.

Why do you do what you do?
I do what I do because I love learning new things. There is always something to learn within this company. I want to move up in this business and that requires dedication to my job.

What was your proudest career moment?
Getting hired in the accounting department and realizing that I can do anything I put my mind to with a little practice.

What fuels you to do your best?
The opportunity to excel in this business and learning things that I didn’t know that I was capable of.

What drew you to CNC?
The employees at CNC are a very close group some would even call them a family. Being part of an awesome company that takes care of their employees is what drew me here.

What are the changes you notice in the industry or foresee?
I see the insurance industry growing before my eyes, from small changes to big changes such as technologies.

What are you good at?
I am good at learning new things. I feel that if I try hard enough I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.

Outside CNC I love to ...
Spend time with my family and go on adventures.

What's your favorite song about the weather?
Rock you like a hurricane – The Scorpions

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