Craig Fowler, Director of Claims

Why do you do what you do?
Because I have been doing it for so long…what else will I do? Even though I have been in the business for 30 years, the industry changes, it brings on new challenges. I enjoy conquering the challenges I encounter.

What was your proudest career moment?
I may have too many to discuss here, but one is teaching my flood class. After I finish the class, I have seasoned flood adjusters and even flood examiners come up to me and tell me how much they learned. I always know there is another moment around the corner that will be satisfying!

What fuels you to do your best?
Accomplishing the goal that was set. The goal maybe a training presentation or a satisfied, completed claim assignment. There is nothing like getting a file closed and having a satisfied insured.

What drew you to CNC?
My father. He started the foundation of what would eventually become CNC, back before Hurricane Hugo. He and other adjusters were running claims all through the Southeast. We would go on the road with him during the summer months and provide claims assistance. I never left.

What are the changes you notice in the industry or foresee?
Advancements in technology. Companies have to change and CNC is one that is embracing the every changing advancements in technology. Technology allows CNC to provide faster, quality service to our clients and their customers.

What are you good at?
Learning. Everyday I learn something new. In this business there is always room to become better at what you do or specialize in a specific area. To quote Albert Einstein “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

Outside CNC I love to ...
Spend time with my wife and kids. I love to travel to see new places, experience new experiences. Traveling gives me a chance to open my mind and see the bigger picture in life.

What’s your favorite song about the weather?
I really don’t have a favorite song about the weather. However, if I were to pick one it would be between; Ride the Lightning by Metallica, Hail, Hail by Pearl Jam, or Prayers for Rain by the Cure.

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