Founded in 1988 by Chief Operating Officer Cortez Fowler as CEFCO National Claims, Inc., CNC Resource was renamed in 2000 to reflect an expanded portfolio of services. Since that time, CNC has grown to become one of the most trusted independent companies for reliable, quality adjusting services. Once a small group of adjusters dedicated to providing superior adjusting services, CNC is now comprised of a diverse group of professionals located throughout the country who are well-equipped to handle any type of loss.

CNC has provided services after all the country’s most major catastrophes since Hurricane Hugo, including the Northridge earthquake and Hurricane Katrina. We’ve also continued to tend to the needs of our clients through smaller, less known catastrophes – be it a 2-man desk assignment in Bismarck or a full blown catastrophe auto field operation in St. Louis. From local hailstorms and statewide ice storms to regional flooding and the California fires --- we’ve done it all.