At CNC, we place great emphasis on developing and strengthening the vital skills our adjusters need to be successful.  Through classroom sessions, one-on-one training, workshops and online training, we offer the very best in personal and professional development. We offer courses on estimating, settlement and professional delivery of products and services, while stressing the importance of developing lasting business relationships with clients and policyholders.

Housed at CNC’s corporate office, our training center provides adjusters and staff with advancements in insurance claims development, company certifications, continuing education and adjuster development via our high-definition business theater, computer classrooms and hands-on development center.

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CNC offers the following classes:

Basic Auto 101 
This course teaches the basics of auto adjusting with hands-on training. Learning objectives and topics include:  Pre-CAT Site Expectations, CAT On-Site Expectations, Code of Ethics, Dress Code, Customer Service, Auto Operations Workflow, Auto Adjusting Guidelines, Paintless Dent Repair, Aftermarket Parts, Betterment/Appearance Allowance, Recycled Parts, File Documentation, Glass Claims, Total Loss and Salvage Handling, Total Loss Examples, Audatex (PenPro/ADP) Auto Estimating Software, Autosource, Total Loss Practices, Flood Damaged Vehicles, Lienholder, Negotiations, Camper/Recreational Vehicles, Quality Control, Agent Visits, Exam Review, Exam.
Duration: 1-day class.

Ethics 101
Registrants attending this course are expected to obtain knowledge, skills and abilities in:  Identifying Adjusting, Unfair Claims Practices, Adjuster Behavior, Discrimination, Prejudice and Bias, Due Diligence and Responsibilities, Legal Advice, Claimant Rights/Special Releases and Ethics for Public Adjusters.
Duration: 1-day class

Customer Service
This is the most important part of an adjuster’s job. As the front line of an insurance company’s response, you will be the face of their insurance claim. We cover: Defining Customer Service, Customer Priorities, Insurance Adjusting as a Service-Related Business, Employee Satisfaction, Service Technologies, Trusting the Internet, Setting Customer Service Standards, Customer Charter/Code of Practice, Nine Steps Creating Call Center Heaven, Quality People Need Quality Processes to Deliver Quality Service and Building Trust Between Organizations and Customers. We’ll also teach you strategies to start off on the right foot with a policyholder, especially one who has suffered a catastrophic loss. Finally, you’ll learn how to deal with difficult people, which will include interactive role-playing exercises. 

Duraton: Half-day class

Basic Computer Skills
The attendee can expect to obtain knowledge, skills and abilities in: Background on Computers and Their Operation, Connection of Peripheral Devices, Start Menu and Control Panel, The Desktop, creating and manipulating files and folders, windows programs and utilities, exploring the Internet, and troubleshooting computer problems.
Duration: 1-day class

Flood Adjusting Course
This course is designed to dissect the Standard Flood Insurance Policy Dwelling Form and General Property Form. The course covers both forms and presents the information to the adjuster in terms of coverage, adjusting and estimating. Information from the forms is explained to the adjuster, and then is presented to the adjuster in how it is applied to the estimate. This course goes beyond the basic information the NFIP workshops provide. It also covers the basic understanding of the National Flood Insurance Program, providing the adjuster insight into how the program was born and developed over the years and the importance of the adjuster’s capabilities for the future of the program. Other course highlights include: basic terminology, including definitions not documented in the Dwelling Form; a wind and water comparison and the importance of documenting both; different characteristics of flooding and how they affect damages differently; knowledge of all required reporting; special adjustments issues; importance of documenting prior losses and repetitive losses; understanding of Coverage D: Increased Cost of Compliance; and overall flood adjusting.  
Duration: 2-day class.

Appraisals 101
A basic look at the procedure of appraisal, required forms and case studies detailing some of the hurdles associated with the entire process.
Duration: Half-day class

Basic Property/Wind & Hail
This course offers an in-depth look into the basics of property adjusting including: Basics of Adjusting, Overview of Insurance, Initial Steps in Adjusting, Required Documents in a Claim File, Insurance Contracts, Interpreting Coverage, How to Read a Homeowner’s Policy, Dynamics of Wind, Recognizing Wind Damage (photographs), Dynamics of Hail, Recognizing Hail Damage (photographs), Construction Basics (photographs), How to Scope a Loss, How to Measure a Roof and How to Adjust a Claim.
Duration: 1-day class

NFIP Claims Adjuster Workshop
CNC is a proud sponsor of the 2010 Claims Adjuster Workshops. To maintain active status for NFIP Adjuster Certification or to become certified, adjusters must attend a 2010 Claims Workshop. CNC is offering access to this workshop for three days in February. Our setting allows for a more personable and interactive session as compared to the larger public workshops.
Duration: 1-day class.

Xactimate Basics
Come learn Xactimate basics with qualified CNC instructors. This course is aimed at new and intermediate Xactimate users, and will give students the knowledge to set up, diagram and document claims. In addition, we will show you how to complete narratives, produce final files and create building valuations.
Duration: 1-day class.

Xactimate Advanced
This class is for experienced Xactimate users who want to get everything they can out of the Xactimate product.  Advanced sketch features, custom reports and advanced estimating will all be covered.
Duration: 1-day class.

Simsol Basics
This class is designed for adjusters who are just getting started with Simsol. Our training will teach you the basics of setting up a claim, estimating, diagramming, importing photos and creating a narrative. This will give you the tools you need to successfully estimate claims in the field.
Duration: 1-day class.

Simsol Advanced
If you’re already familiar with Simsol basics, this class will teach you special tips and tricks to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your estimating software. This class will focus on advanced estimating, creating valuations and creating ways to make the Simsol program work for you.
Duration: 1 1/2-day class.

ClaimSource and Accounting Basics
Get introduced to CNC, learn how we operate and learn the ins-and-outs of our claims management system. The class starts by covering CNC’s basic file turnaround and estimating requirements. Then we show you how to accept, document and close your files. Finally, we’ll teach you how to properly invoice your claims, as well as, how the accounting and payment processes work.
Duration: Half-day class.

Nationwide Insurance Flood Certification
CNC is a proud sponsor of the Nationwide Insurance flood adjuster certification session. This class has been designed to assist NFIP flood certified adjusters and prepare each adjuster for the Nationwide Certification testing. In this class, each adjuster will be provided with a condensed review of the: Standard Flood Insurance Policy (SFIP) and each of the Forms (Dwelling, General and RCBAP), and the NFIP Adjuster's Manual – including Basic Adjustment Issues, Special Adjustment Issues and ICC Coverage Questions. Building component handout sheets will be provided to each adjuster and a quiz will be administered near the end of the program. A question and answer session will follow the program.
Duration: Half-day class